Cherry Frame - Founder

Cherry Frame - Founder

The saying is that love makes the world go around; however, it is nice to have money too. I specialize in making sure people have money in times when a regular income is no longer available.


Suddenly a heart attack or stroke occurs and you are out of work for a year or more. Do you have enough money to pay your bills, mortgage, car payment or braces for the kids? If not, you will probably be declaring bankruptcy. Did you know that you could change that scenario if you had a life insurance policy with living-benefits? In other words, you could use a portion of the death benefit while you are alive to meet your financial obligations. Having money when needed removes much of the stress while trying to recuperate.

Is retirement looming down the road but you look at your account and you have only $1000 saved? Many people have nothing saved for retirement thinking there is still time. This is a lie. The shorter the time your money is working for you, the less you accumulate. The earlier money is set aside, the better even if it is only a little each month. What is very important is to have money in plans which will not lose money due to the stock market risk and Uncle Sam’s favorite - taxes. Suppose you could add $20,000 or more of non-taxed income to your social security, would this significantly improve your lifestyle during retirement? Yes, such financial opportunities are available to you.

For people who own their own businesses and plan to have money from the sale of the business as their retirement, there is perhaps an even better way to provide that lifestyle of your dreams. It is called premium financing. A minimum of $25,000 is required from the business owner for 5 years; the remaining premium is a loan from a bank contributing as much as the business owner each of the first 5 years and then contributes the entire amount for the next 5 years. Then it is allowed to work until the owner decides to take it during retirement. The yearly income could potentially be in the 6 figures after the loans are repaid. The best part is this money is tax free.

All types of insurance policies that I offer have living benefits at no extra cost. The Indexed universal life policies also add the tax-free retirement component. No one should consider a policy that does not have living benefits or that charges extra for them. Everyone should consider having at least a portion of their retirement in a tax-free, income-producing life insurance policy. It is important to be protected from market fluctuation and unknown future tax rates.

Some businesses can benefit from cost segregation. This is accelerated depreciation. There are also benefits for hiring people, if credit cards are accepted, a return of a portion of property taxes, workers’ compensation insurance, environmental waste expenses, and improvements made to buildings including the cost of new equipment. Many small businesses are not aware of these benefits so they are leaving money on the table; money they can use to reduce debt and fully fund a retirement plan such as the one mentioned above using premium financing.