Cherry Frame - Founder

Cherry Frame - Founder

The saying is that love makes the world go around; however, it is nice to have money too. I specialize in making sure people have money in times when a regular income is no longer available.


In the unfortunate event that a heart attack or stroke occurs, and you are out of work for a year or more, what would you do?

·         Do you have enough money to pay your bills, mortgage, car payment or braces for the kids?

·         If not, will you declare bankruptcy?

·         Did you know that you could change that scenario if you had a life insurance policy with living-benefits?

·         Did you know you could use a portion of the death benefit while you are alive to meet your financial obligations?

·         Do you think having money when needed would remove much of the stress while trying to recuperate?

Having (additional) income available during times of severe illness is now available to people of all incomes and with all kinds of life policies:

·         Term,

·         Guaranteed Universal Life,

·         Indexed Universal Life,

·         Whole Life.

Is retirement looming down the road, but you have only $1,000 saved?

·         Many people have nothing saved for retirement thinking there is still time. Is this you?

·         It’s a lie.

·         The shorter the time your money is able to work for you, the less you accumulate. The earlier money is set aside, the better.  Even if only a little each month.

·         What is very important is to have money in plans which will not lose value due to stock market risk and Uncle Sam (taxes).

·         Suppose you could add $20,000 or more of non-taxed income to your social security, would this significantly improve your lifestyle during retirement? What about $40,000 or $50,000?

 The answer is “Yes”, and such financial opportunities are available to you in an IUL (Indexed Universal Life) policy.

For people who own their own businesses and plan to profit from the sale of their businesses for their retirement, there is perhaps an even better way to provide the lifestyle of their dreams. It is called premium financing.

·         This plan matches the business owner’s contribution $3 to $1.

·         The business owner only contributes for 5 years to the plan.

·         The remaining premium is from a bank.

·         The bank is paid back in year 15.

·         The money is allowed to grow until the owner decides to take it during retirement.

·         The yearly income could be potentially 6 figures.

·         The best part is this money is tax free.

Who can qualify?

·         Age – 25-65

·         Health – Standard or better (Generally any preexisting conditions are well controlled.)

·         Income – greater than $200,000 in California, other states greater than $100,000 – will be verified.

What is not needed.

·         No loan documents required – the policy is collateral for the loan.

·         No interest or escrow account is needed.


Three other very important components needed by businesses are to reduce risk, reduce costs, and reduce taxes.

·         Most small businesses utilize CPA’s (Certified Public Accountants) for taxes and auditing.

·         Some CPA’s offer other services as well; however, most are so busy they don’t have time to study all 70,000 pages of the IRS tax code to understand all 25 of the special areas designed for business benefits.

·         Would access to a team which specializes in these areas be helpful?  Of course!

·         Would providing a proactive approach to the business owner increase the CPA’s value in that relationship? Of course!

·         Therefore, more value = more satisfaction = more referrals of high end business owners = more income = less time working = more time with the family.  

All of this is at no cost to the CPA and an opportunity for 16 continuing education units also at no cost.


The questions to consider are:

·         “Are you protected?” 

·         “Is your lifestyle protected?”

·         “Is your business protected?”

 If you are not sure or know you aren’t, that can be quickly corrected.


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